APRIL 2019
Danish breakthrough in treatment of epilepsy

Danish professor and Dr. Med. Henning Beck-Nielsen has invented an implant that will help epilepsy patients avoid feared epileptic seizures and muscle cramps – and may also help save lives. The implant has just gained CE approval.

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Update on our ground breaking epilepsy trials

Our research partner at Zealand University Hospital recently got an exciting paper accepted in the Journal of Neurophysiology.

"High similarity between EEG from subcutaneous and proximate scalp electrodes in patients with temporal lobe epilepsy”

JUNE 2018
New publication from our EAR EEG Project Group

We have recently finished our first project on EAR EEG with great success. This project was supported by Innovation Fund Denmark and has been accomplished in collaboration with Aarhus University & Odense University Hospital.
One important outcome of the project is our first publication recently accepted for publication in the journal Transaction of Biomedical Engineering. Please read the abstract/article by following the link below.


May 9. – May 10. 2019
Annual Spring Meeting Danish Epilepsy Society  

Where: Copenhagen, Denmark
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June 22. – June 26. 2019
33rd International Epilepsy Congress

Where: Bangkok, Thailand
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September 6. – September 7. 2019
2nd International Congress on Mobile Devices and Seizure Detection in Epilepsy

Where: Lausanne, Switzerland
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December 6. – December 10. 2019
AES Annual Meeting 2019

Where: Baltimore, USA
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