UNEEG medical invested in development and commercialisation in 2020/21

With the launch in new markets and progress for existing sales activities, UNEEG medical accelerated the ongoing commercialisation efforts and the clinical activities in both Europe and USA in the second half of the financial year.
”We have made great progress in transforming UNEEG from a research organisation to a company with a strong commercial potential and concrete engagements with university hospitals in a number of countries. We work determinedly to document the benefits of our products and welcome the positive feedback from medical experts in Europe and the US. We have reached important milestones by entering in the formal pre-stages for reimbursements, partly funded through grants in a number of European countries. We continue to invest in our ability to help the many epilepsy patients in the world", says Torben Sandgren, CEO of UNEEG medical.

Read the full press release here (in Danish)