Reliability of ultra long-term subcutaneous EEG: a demonstration of temporal impedance consistency

A multicenter cohort study involving 16 people with epilepsy and 12 healthy people have shown that the ultra long-term subcutaneous impedance measurements obtained by the 24/7 EEG™ SubQ solution are low and remain stable throughout the monitoring period lasting up to 230 days. 
This impedance consistency adds confidence to the reliability of ultra long-term subcutaneous EEG recordings. 
Ultra long-term subcutaneous EEG recording is a relatively new modality that enables continuous real-life monitoring of brain activity throughout extended periods of time. Reliable and consistent EEG signal quality is a prerequisite for this modality to succeed in the development of automatic electrographic seizure detection algorithms. 
This poster was presented at the MHSDE 2021 congress.

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