Revolutionary Innovation for the treatment of uncontrolled epilepsy

Brain Biomarker Technology EpiSightTM from UNEEG on the road to FDA approval
6 million people in Europe suffer from epilepsy. About 30% (1.8 million) of patients are not adequately controlled with medication and continue to suffer from unpredictable and sometimes life-threatening seizures.

UNEEG EpiSight™ solution with 24/7 EEG SubQ on market in EU and in clinical test for U.S. approval. FDA study launched at Freiburg University Hospital in Germany and University of Pennsylvania and Mayo Clinic in the U.S.

“This technology may present a revolution in the ways that neurologists treat their patients with epilepsy and may help patients reach seizure freedom” says Professor Dr. Schulze-Bonhage, PhD, Professor of Neurology at the University of Freiburg and principal investigator

The UNEEG EpiSight™ solution with 24/7 EEGTM SubQ aims to offer healthcare providers and patients continuous EEG biomarker information to support disease management goals.

The front-end and seizure detection algorithm were developed in collaboration with the Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT).

Read the press release here (text in German)