Epilepsy: Reliable seizure tracking

UNEEG medical is proud to introduce our cloud-based EEG data transfer solution – UNEEG™ MyConnect.

With this addition to the 24/7 EEG™ SubQ solution, we have automated the data flow between the patient and the hospital ensuring on demand access to the patient's EEG data.
UNEEG™ MyConnect automatically sends data to the hospital once a day while charging. At the hospital, the doctor has on demand access to the latest EEG data recorded by the patient. Our advanced seizure detection software - UNEEG™ EpiSight, automatically analyses the data within minutes and highlights suspected seizure activity. 

24/7 EEG™ SubQ solution could enable you to: 

  • Detect treatment effect with objective seizure counting
  • Manage your patients remotely
  • Identify seizure cycles
  • Empower patients
More information about UNEEG MyConnect

Watch this short video about our full solution