UNEEG medical A/S was founded in 2005 by Professor dr. med. Henning Beck-Nielsen and co-Founder M.Sc.Eng. Rasmus Stig Jensen. Originally the company’s aim was to build disruptive technologies for insulin dependent diabetics, that prior to severe hypoglycemia should receive an alert, hence aiming at improving patients’ quality of life and personal safety.

In 2009 T&W Medical A/S became the majority shareholder of the company. Chairman of the board is Søren Westermann, who represents one part of the two families, Tøpholm and Westermann. Both families are through T&W Medical A/S co-owners of WS Audiology A/S, a merger between former Widex A/S and Sivantos Pte. Ltd. WS Audiology A/S is a sister company to UNEEG medical. The group of owners also includes Hera Holding ApS.

Today, UNEEG medical employs approximately 60 people and is facing an international market launch.

Richard Tøpholm

Richard Tøpholm is CEO at T&W Engineering A/S, a company closely related to UNEEG™ medical A/S which forms the EEG Group majority owned by T&W Medical A/S – formerly known as Widex Holding. Richard has worked as an electrical engineer in various functions at Widex since 1992, covering Algorithm Design, 3D Scanner development, Building Automation and Energy Systems, Production Automation, Project Portfolio Management and more.

Since 2013 Richard has headed up the Widex EEG development team. Ultra-long-term EEG has been an active development area at Widex since 2006 and was spun out into a separate business unit in 2015. Richard has been on the Widex Board of Directors in the period 2011-2019, until Widex A/S merged with Sivantos forming the sister company WS Audiology. Further, he is on the UNEEG™ medical A/S’ Board of Directors since 2009 and Copenhagen Atomics Board of Directors since 2018. He holds an MSc.E. in Electrical Engineering from DTU with focus on Applied Physics, Psycho Acoustics, Control Theory & Automation and Space & Satellite design.

Henning Beck-Nielsen

Henning Beck-Nielsen is Founder, CMO and Vice-chair of the Board at UNEEG medical. Henning is a professor of Diabetes at University of Southern Denmark & University of Copenhagen. He is a trained diabetologist with a special interest in Hypoglycaemia. He previously headed Department of Endocrinology & the research unit at Odense University Hospital and he is as such an experienced scientist with more than 600 peer-reviewed publications. Henning is known and respected for his lifelong efforts in diabetes care and he was a major driver of the creation of the Danish Diabetes Academy, where he also resided as the first president.

Henning has received several scientific prizes and awards, among others the two most prestigious awards in Denmark, namely, the Hagedorn Prize and the Novo Nordisk Award. 


  • Søren Westerman, Chairman and Co-owner of WS Audiology (“Widex-Sivantos”) and T&W Medical A/S
  • Prof. Henning Beck-Nielsen (M.D.), Vice-chair and Co-founder of Hyposafe; now UNEEG medical A/S
  • Lars Nørgaard, CEO of T&W Medical A/S
  • Richard Tøpholm, CEO at T&W Engineering A/S and Co-owner of T&W Medical A/S
  • Philip Just Larsen, Senior Vice President, Global Head of Research at Bayer Pharmaceuticals
  • Peter Willems-Alnøe, CEO at CelVivo and former CEO of VICARE MEDICAL A/S 
  • Henrik Skak Bender (board alternate), COO & Partner at NREP and former CFO at WS Audiology A/S
  • Rasmus Stig Jensen (board alternate), Co-founder of Hyposafe and management consultant


  •  Torben Sandgren, CEO at UNEEG™ medical A/S